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Metal/Hardcore Summer Releases

For all you metal and hardcore fans out there, (chirp chirp) here is some of what I am looking forward to in coming months.

May 11: As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise — True giants of metalcore, AILD are sure to bring some amazing guitar work and surprisingly catchy clean vocals to the party.

May 18: Confide – Recover — I’m not a huge Confide fan, but they’ve been on my radar ever since this over of The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights.

June 1: Stick To Your Guns – The Hope Division — Stick To Your Guns are bringing feel good, positive vibes back into the hardcore seen and are quickly becoming a personal favorite.

June 29: Parkway Drive –Deep Blue — These boys from Australia bust some amazing riffs in all previous albums, with a few years of world touring under their belts I’m excited to see what they can do.

Haste The Day – Attack of the Wolf King — Congratulations for already winning crappiest album title of the year HTD!  I would really like to see an entire album that I can enjoy from them instead of the usual few tracks that I love and the rest is mediocre and forgettable.

July 6: A Plea For Purging – [TBA] — These guys put out the best video of 2009, this ones for fans of Adult Swim and ridiculousness in general, check out Malevolence.  If that doesn’t make you excited for a new album, then you are reading the wrong blogger.

Corpus Christi – [TBA] — Their last album, The Darker Shades of White was a very solid first release and I’m hoping they don’t hit a sophomore slump.

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza – Danza III — These men are insane, and I love it. Even Tony Danza finds it catchy!

July13: Norma Jean – Meridional — I’m hoping that Norma Jean can really refine their sound and not rely so heavily on just sounding “dirty.”

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