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Metal/Hardcore Summer Releases

For all you metal and hardcore fans out there, (chirp chirp) here is some of what I am looking forward to in coming months.

May 11: As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise — True giants of metalcore, AILD are sure to bring some amazing guitar work and surprisingly catchy clean vocals to the party.

May 18: Confide – Recover — I’m not a huge Confide fan, but they’ve been on my radar ever since this over of The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights.

June 1: Stick To Your Guns – The Hope Division — Stick To Your Guns are bringing feel good, positive vibes back into the hardcore seen and are quickly becoming a personal favorite.

June 29: Parkway Drive –Deep Blue — These boys from Australia bust some amazing riffs in all previous albums, with a few years of world touring under their belts I’m excited to see what they can do.

Haste The Day – Attack of the Wolf King — Congratulations for already winning crappiest album title of the year HTD!  I would really like to see an entire album that I can enjoy from them instead of the usual few tracks that I love and the rest is mediocre and forgettable.

July 6: A Plea For Purging – [TBA] — These guys put out the best video of 2009, this ones for fans of Adult Swim and ridiculousness in general, check out Malevolence.  If that doesn’t make you excited for a new album, then you are reading the wrong blogger.

Corpus Christi – [TBA] — Their last album, The Darker Shades of White was a very solid first release and I’m hoping they don’t hit a sophomore slump.

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza – Danza III — These men are insane, and I love it. Even Tony Danza finds it catchy!

July13: Norma Jean – Meridional — I’m hoping that Norma Jean can really refine their sound and not rely so heavily on just sounding “dirty.”

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Andy Went to a Concert 2: Kaki King

Howdy you’all!  I come to you today with a much belated review of Kaki King’s April 17th Middle East show.  Yes I know it’s May now, I BE SORRY!

Let me paint you a scenario……. ok done.  Now let me TELL you a scenario.  It’s a cold, rainy night in Cambridge.  The air whips past your face like air whipping past your face (couldn’t think of a good analogy).  Streetlights illuminate and puddles accumulate (woah, that almost rhymed).  There is a soft thumping from the rock club in front of you, drowned out only by the line of 4.2 million people waiting to get in to it (perhaps sliiight exaggeration).  You are wearing a hooded sweatshirt AND a suit jacket because you’re so INDIE!

Anyways, a bunch more crap happens. they don’t accept my confirmation number for the tickets I ordered. have to beg my way into the club. cried a lot… blah blah blah.  Let’s get to the actual show.

Kaki’s new album Junior came out in early April and this show was part of a touring effort to promote the sale of this record.  “Ok, gotcha!  So she pretty much played new songs the whole time, huh?”  See, that what I thought! (We have so much in common… you wouldn’t happen to be free for dinner Saturday?)  Contrary to common conception, she played a really good mix of old and new songs, pitting new rock anthems like “Death Head” against classic acoustics like “Goby“.  The real difference in the show came in the energy.

Kaki King April 17 2010

It's rainbow because fuck you that's why!

This was a rock show.  As someone who has seen Kaki twice before, her typical show consists of a more laid back atmosphere.  Her shows are usually very banter-driven (seriously, if she weren’t a musician, I’d recommend stand up… great personality).  This show, however, was much more music-centric.  The songs were the focus of this show, and who could blame her?  This crowd wasn’t the type to sit quietly and listen to stories or jokes.

Come to think of it, this crowd wasn’t the type to sit quietly and listen to ANYTHING!!  At one point it got so loud one mutha’ucking genius decided it would be prudent to yell “SHUT UP” at the very tippiest toppiest of her lungs….. Bit of advice: remember all those movies where, if it’s too noisy, yelling something really loud shuts everyone up?  Those movies BLOW!  That doesn’t work!  It only makes everyone louder!  If the person who did that is reading this: I hate you! (but no, seriously call me… we’ll do dinner… ohgodplease*)

Now, with all this commotion, one might assume that the performer might get a bit flustered.  Not the case. Kaki King is an entertainer, pure and simple.  She fed off the energy of the crowd. In fact, during her encore (a performance of crowd-pleaser “gay sons of lesbian mothers“) she put the music on a loop pedal and jumped off stage and into the crowd.  It was there that she proceeded to dance… and dance…. and dance.  T’was awesome to say the least.  If I’d had a dollar for every time Kaki jumped off of something during that show, I’d be a rich man…(and a genius for finding a way to make money off of that).  All in all, kick-ass show!  Mucho approved-o!  A-plus-o! and other things that end in o.