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Totally Nebular – Boat Boat

first show poster at Mt. Limb.
Totally Nebular is a florida based three-piece that recently finished a wonderfully cohesive 8 song EP titled “Boat Boat”. sonically, i’m hearing a mish-mash of eclecticisms from a wide pallet of musical realms. most notably, the album takes off with some faction of what i will call “indie-prog”… though the longest track is a mere 4:29 in length, each song lives in it’s only world of movement and adventure(best-listened-to-in-stereo). i’m hearing notes of cacophony to the likes of Xiu Xiu, hooting an hollaring vocals of Born Ruffians, marching ballad guitar flourishes comparable to Wolf Parade and off kilter compositions that i’m sure animal collective would be proud to take credit for. the EP as a whole reminds me of the mpFree formatted album by Experimental Dental School.

and that reminds me. the best thing about this EP is that it’s a freEP, you can get it yourself here!


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  1. The Dollar Casual
    February 23, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Having given this FreEP a couple good listen-throughs, I will admit I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I would hesitate to put it in its own category. Although they pull off their performance with a considerable amount of compositional virtuosity, they seem to be drawing a lot on the upbeat, eccentric indie-pop sound of groups like Architecture in Helsinki and (sometimes) Animal Collective. If there is one criticism to be made against Totally Nebular, surely it’s a lack of originality. A fun listen, for sure, and well-done for that matter, but I doubt I’ll be spending money on any of their albums until they come out with something I haven’t already heard before.

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